Jake: You set a meeting with White House Counsel?
Mellie: I did.
Jake: You don't wanna do that, Madam President.
Mellie: Do you know where Olivia's been for the last 24 hours? I know you don't because you were asking Secret Service to tell you. Well... I've just found out. She was in Vermont. Fitz led with legs wide open for eight years and we barely made a peep. Should we have killed Olivia? Blown up her plane? Would that have been the right thing to do? That man spilled his DNA all over this White House and all I did was -- This isn't about B613 Jake. This is about Olivia. She's bad for this country, and if you can't see that, you are as big a fool as i've been.

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Scandal Season 7 Episode 10: "The People v. Olivia Pope"
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Scandal Season 7 Episode 10 Quotes

After everything Fitz has done, after everything that’s been done in his name, he’s not going to get up on his soapbox and judge me, is he?


There isn’t a person in here who hasn’t had to get their hands a little bit dirty at one point or another. Isn’t that right, Abby? I know that Huck — of all people! — isn’t actually the one who’s calling me a monster right now.