Stan: Do you mind if I watch cartoons? I've had a rough day.
Roy: (mumbles)
Stan: What?
Roy: Chores, do chores.
Stan: My dad lets me watch cartoons.
Roy: Well I'm not your dad, okay? I'M NOT YOUR DAD! Y.. you can't just go around playing games with my emotions! (Roy walks off crying)

Stan Marsh
South Park Season 2 Episode 12: "Clubhouses"
South Park
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South Park Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Mr. Mackey: Young man, school is a time for learning, not for your immature skylarkings.
Stan: Skylarkings?
Mr. Mackey: You know, tomfooleries.
Stan: Who?

Sharon: What are you doing sweetheart?
Stan: Getting a cookie. We're gonna build a clubhouse and then were......
(Sharon interrupts)
Sharon: You men are all alike. First you get a cookie, then you criticize the way I dress, and then the way I cook. I suppose next you'll tell me you need your space and that I'm sabotaging your creativity. Go ahead Stanly get your god damn cookie.