Annie: Can I ask you something?
Dr. Cohen: Okay.
Annie: Do you really want to be with me? Or do you just not want to be with her?

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Good Girls Season 4 Episode 6: "Grandma Loves Grisham"
Good Girls
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Good Girls Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes, Good Girls Quotes
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Good Girls Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Dave: When do you meet the boss?
Beth: Oh, I'm still waiting on my EVite.

Ben: What's in the backpack?
Annie: Mostly tampons.
Ben: Can I see?
Annie: You know what's so weird?
Ben: Guns?
Annie: You didn't go to bed a cop.
Ben: Drugs?
Annie: But you woke up one.
Ben: Body parts?
Annie: Remind me never to get up early again.