Dr. Reid! I've seen you strutting around this place with your can-do attitude, and I know that you think because you're a female doctor, you're part of the solution. But you're not. Everything about you screams, "What does the cutie in Radiology think about me?" And yes, your friend Dr. Turk, he may ask you relationship advice or where to get his unfortunate girlfriend some naughty lingerie - because we both know that when it comes to gifts, women all crave a nice leather push-up bra with tassels that go around and around and around like this - but still, I ask you, is that respect?... Uh, don't answer. I don't care!

Dr. Miller

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Scrubs Season 3 Episode 15: "My Tormented Mentor"
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Scrubs Season 3 Episode 15 Quotes

Todd: Gotta grab those.
Dr. Kelso: No!
Staffer: Ugh!
Dr. Kelso: Remember, we look... but we don't touch.
Todd: Okay.

Dr. Cox: You know, honey, I'm-I'm here now, if you-if you want your friends to leave.
Jordan: We're getting chemical peels tomorrow.
Dr. Cox: Oh. Okay.