Emma: I am leading, and if Ground tells us that a sonic boom means that there's even a decent chance that Pegasus is down there intact, then hell, yes! Full speed ahead. But we all know they're not gonna say that. They're gonna say exactly what you said, Ram, that if a plane disappears from radar, its pilot isn't coming home. And the only thing a sonic boom gives us is a very faint and dangerous hope.
Lu: And that's all this mission is.
Emma: Lu...
Lu: And when did you forget that? Where is the woman who stood on the Moon and asked the whole world to believe in impossible things? Who leapt off the side of a spaceship with nothing to cling to but hope? Who went into her crewmate's room when he was sick, and stood outside of my door and told me it was okay to love? Hope has never been my North Star. Honor, discipline, duty. Never hope, until I met you. You... Emma, I don't wanna die, I really don't. But I'm willing to die for hope.

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AWAY Season 1 Episode 8: "Vital Signs"
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AWAY Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Emma, I, I appreciate what you're trying to do here, but let's be honest, you know as well as I do when a plane goes off radar, that pilot isn't coming home.


We don't know anything! We don't know if Pegasus is sitting on the ground, or exploded into pieces, or if the backup system is even going to last, or if Mom's gonna survive!