Chad: Happy New Year.
Paul: I'm not trying to crash your party, I swear.
Abigail: No, it's wonderful to see you. I wish you would stay.
Chad: Yeah. Absolutely. But just so you know, Sonny and Will are gonna be here.
Paul: Then I'm definitely gonna be leaving.
Abigail: I understand that, but I just hope that you know that we very much consider you a friend.
Chad: Yeah, nothing's changed.
Paul: Even though everything's changed.

Days of Our Lives
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Days of Our Lives Quotes
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Days of Our Lives Quotes

Getting older is not for sissies.


Shawn-Douglas Brady: You know what? For the first time in my life, I'm glad that my dad is biologically a Kiriakis.
Belle Black Kiriakis: Why would you say that?
Shawn-Douglas Brady: Because, otherwise, we would be related. Your grandmother is a Brady, remember?
Belle Black Kiriakis: Oh, my god. I never even thought about that. Actually, that makes me more of a Brady than you.