Roderick Campbell: Joshua, I need you to look up whatever files we might have on mutant siblings.
Joshua: Of course, Dr. Campbell.
Roderick: There was an incident Reo, I believe, in the 60s.
Joshua: Yes, there you go.
Roderick: The Strucker children, the one who destroyed the gymnasium, have they been found yet?
Joshua: Sentinel Services are still looking.
Roderick: Give me the name of the head agent on that case. He and I should talk.

The Gifted Season 1 Episode 2: "rX"
The Gifted
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The Gifted Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

No! I'm not leaving my daughter here to holes!


I have been a prosecutor for twenty years. I know my rights and my children's rights. It's not illegal to be a mutant.

Reed [to Jace]