Lucy: Great class, Doctor D! Even better than the one you did with interpretive dance.
J.D.: Thanks, Lucy. I like to call it "teacher-tainment". Now, be a doll and go give Dr. Turk a message ASAP. Tell him Dr. Dorian is stuck in the tree again, but this time there are many bees. Hurry, Lucy, I have honey hair!

J.D., Lucy Bennett
Scrubs Season 9 Episode 2: "Our Drunk Friend"
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Scrubs Season 9 Episode 2 Quotes

Lucy: I've been hiding from my teacher, it's a little game we play.
Andy: Really?
Lucy: No, you can win at games.

J.D.: You're dangerous aren't you?
Drew: Yes I am.
J.D.: I bet you listen to rap music.