Celeste: But there are so many positives. So many. The way he loved me, the way he loved the boys, the boys loved him. I shouldn't erase all of that simply because you feel that-
Dr. Reisman: He almost killed you.
Celeste: He didn't almost kill me.
Dr. Reisman: He nearly smothered you with a cushion. If one of his kicks had landed on your head you might very well be dead.

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Big Little Lies Season 2 Episode 3: "The End of the World"
Big Little Lies
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Big Little Lies Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Mary Louise: I'm presented with the idea that my son was both an adulterer and a rapist. And I am desperate to squash that idea.
Jane: Well, I can tell you that he's the only man I'd been with.
Mary Louise: That you recall.
Jane: Excuse me?
Mary Louise: Well, things happen these days. Men put drugs in pretty girls drinks and things happen, people don't remember things sometimes.
Jane: I remember. Perfectly. Far more vividly than I care to.
Mary Louise: Just a simple blood test.
Jane: No.

She has always had my attention. Devotion on my end has not been a problem.