Will: You blew up the Rap ship?
Bram: We did it together. Me, Maya and the others. My friends.
Katie: The Red Hand are your friends?
Will: They're murderers. They're the ones who tried to kill your brother and sister!
Bram: Because you're a collaborator.
Will: I collaborated to keep us alive!!!
Bram: They wanted to make a difference. To stand up and fight.
Will [to Katie]: He did this because of you.

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Colony Season 2 Episode 11: "Lost Boy"
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Colony Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

We are under attack, but our enemy didn't come from the skies. Our enemy was already here. The Raps only needed one resource in order to maintain control, and we surrendered it to them without a fight. Make no mistake, our occupation is rooted in moral compromise. Men and women who have told themselves that the only way to survive is to join their enemy, that the treason they have committed against their own kind is justifiable. That they had no other choice. Without this resource, without their human collaborators, the Raps would be powerless. We are the architects of our own oppression, but we all have the power to disarm the enemy, to starve them of the collaborators they need. We only need to unite behind the law of our bloc. If you collaborate, you die.


Will: Hey, how you doing? I know we haven't made it easy on you since you've been back.
Charlie: It's better than Santa Monica. I'm not the one you should be worrying about.
Will: Bram?
Charlie: He's been sneaking out at night.