Donna: But, a word of advice, Newbie. I’d watch your back around Brett.
Jughead: Why? What is his deal?
Donna: He’s a diplo-brat. “Son a diplomat.” Thinks it gives him immunity to do whatever he wants.
Jughead: Like beat me up?
Donna: That’s not how Brett fights. Okay, it’s psychological with him, and he’s not afraid to play dirty.
Jughead: Okay, I’ll take your advice.

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Riverdale Season 4 Episode 3: "Chapter Sixty: Dog Day Afternoon"
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Riverdale Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Betty: I’m just happy this nightmare is finally over.
[Doorbell rings and a mysterious VHS is found outside]
Jughead: Famous last words.

Darius: I went into the basement…
Cheryl: Halt! You went down to the basement, specially I ordered you not to. You didn’t go into the chapel, did you?!
Darius: No! Miss Cheryl…
Cheryl: Thistle House has never had rats!
Toni: But Babe, we did hear something last night. Remember?
Cheryl: You’re right, Ti Ti. And suddenly, I am feeling the presence of a rat. A 6” tall rat with muscles and bedroom eyes. Darius, I knew you were a mistake from the beginning, so … you’re fired. Tootles!