Cartman: Hey, all of a sudden, my costume is pretty bad-ass, huh?
Kyle: Dude, dressing up like Hitler is NOT bad-ass!
Cartman: You're just jealous. Why don't you go back to Endor, you stupid wookie?
Kyle: Wookies don't live on Endor!
Cartman: (mimicking Kyle) Wookies don't live in Endor!
Kyle: Well, At least my mom's not on the cover of "Crack Whore" magazine!
Cartman: What?? What did you say?

Eric Cartman, Kyle Broflovski
South Park Season 1 Episode 7: "Pinkeye"
South Park
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South Park Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Principal Victoria: Good morning there, children. I love the Elvis costume, Chef.
Chef: Elvis? I'm Evel Knievel! Why the hell would I dress up like Elvis??
Principal Victoria: Well, why the hell would you dress up like Evel Knievel?

Stan: I learned something today. Halloween isn't about costumes or candy. It's about being good to one another and giving and loving.
Kyle: No dude, that's Christmas.
Stan: Oh. Well then what's Halloween about?
kyle: Costumes and candy.
Stan: Oh yeah.