Negan: Hey, did I, uh... Did I tell you I got married?
Carol: Mm. Why are you telling me this now?
Negan: Well, I don't know. Because... Because she is out there, and... she is carrying our child.
Carol: It's gonna be okay.
Negan: Thank you.
Carol: Yeah.

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The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 17: "Lockdown"
The Walking Dead
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The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 17 Quotes

Pamela: You've humiliated me. And yourself.
Sebastian: I told you I shouldn't have come here.

Pamela: Would you like one?
Yumiko: It's a little early for me. Thank you. You tear-gassed my friends.
Pamela: If they were there, they were in defiance of lockdown.
Yumiko: And did it help? Did it actually make the troopers' jobs easier outside the walls?
Pamela: It was about what could have happened. It was about safety. It always is.
Yumiko: And you don't care that it makes you look guilty?
Pamela: If you have an accusation, Yumiko, make it.
Yumiko: Look. Can you really sit there and say there is no way your son did the things he was accused of?
Pamela: He's always been something of a renegade, it's true. But his grandfather and uncles were the same way, and they mellowed over time. Became leaders of men. Maybe he's having his youthful rebellions later than most, but he's not a murderer.
Yumiko: Pamela, I am trying to figure out how much you knew. It might be my job to defend you.
Pamela: How can I talk to my lawyer freely when she's also friends with the most prominent journalist around?