Pamela: Hey, you guys, Claudia Joy is doing okay, huh? You've gotta admire how she's been handling things, especially with Mrs. Lenore Baker trying to take her down like that.
Roxy: Do you really think she would use what happened against Claudia Joy like that?
Pamela: That's how it works around here sometimes.
Roxy: Well, what do we do?
Denise: We stick together. We support Claudia Joy, no matter what.
Roxy: We deep fry Lenore Baker and serve her up with a side of hush puppies!

Claudia Joy Holden, Denise Sherwood, Roxy LeBlanc, Pamela Moran
Army Wives Season 1 Episode 10: "Dirty Laundry"
Army Wives
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Army Wives Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Claudia Joy: I'm impressed.
Pamela: I'm jealous.
Denise: I'm speechless.
Roland: I'm not here. Please leave a message.

Fastest way to a man's zipper; tight jeans, new haircut.