Bob: Hit him with a banjo!
Red: A banjo, Bob?
Bob: Yeah.
Red: Where is he gonna get a banjo?
Bob: I don't know. But I saw a guy get hit with a banjo once, and he went down!

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Red Forman, Bob Pinciotti
That 70's Show Season 1 Episode 20: "A New Hope"
That 70's Show
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That 70's Show Season 1 Episode 20 Quotes

Eric: So David, still got that big ol' curve in your spine?
Fez: Can I see it?

Kelso: Laurie, what's going on? You're acting like you're liking me, and that's weird.
Laurie: It's like I told you Kelso, I'm bored.
Kelso: Well that's very flattering, but uh, you know, Jackie and I are back together.
Laurie: Oh. I understand. Do you wanna see my appendix scar?
Kelso: Once again, (looks at it) what's-her-name and I are back together!