Turk: No matter how embarrassing you think it might be, it's always helpful to talk to someone neutral. For example, take a look at me: I am now, thanks to therapy, in a healthy relationship with a beautiful woman who won't sleep over at my house because she thinks I broke her mother's leg

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Scrubs Season 1 Episode 6: "My Bad"
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Scrubs Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Turk: You know, I went to therapy once.
Elliot: You did?
Turk: Yeah. Once, though, like, back in '93 to '94; and then three months in '95; and then I went to Group which was a disaster

Dr. Cox: She was never boring.
J.D.: What happened?
Dr. Cox: Eh, you marry somebody just like your mother, and then you remember you hate your mother