Mary: How did we come to be here right now? How is this possible?
John: I don't know, but I know Anne Hale is responsible. And I don't know whether to kill her or kiss her.
Mary: Well, she's not here right now. So...
[They kiss]
John: Do you remember what I told you? All those years ago, that vow I made...
Mary: You said you'd come back for me.
John: I told you.
Mary: You said you'd be back in a year. They say a point that some things are worth waiting for.

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Salem Season 3 Episode 10: "Black Sunday"
WGN America
Janet Montgomery, Shane West
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Salem Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

I believe...I believe neither of us ever loved anybody but her in our whole lives, and my jealously I plotted her destruction. Now it is my only regret. So, I couldn't bear to live without her, but now I don't have long to live. So listen...she is in unspeakable danger. For once, prove yourself worthy of her love. Save her.


Anne: I know, dear Cotton, I know. Terrible. Awful. Evil incarnate. You've opened my eyes, dear husband. I was the perfect wife and yet you still preferred the company of a whore. Well, the pain you caused me set me free from all my slavish craving for the world's approval.
Cotton: Anne, whatever your hatred for me do not let that be hatred for all the people of Salem. Minutes they will all die, but there may yet still be time. Please...please let me out of here before it is too late.
Anne: Oh, you may yet save Salem, dear Cotton. You and I both know what a dissolute weakling you really are. But when I release you, you will have the chance to be that great man everyone believes you to be.