Morgan: I don't smoke.
House: Fine. You don't want the seventh graders to think you're cool.

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Dr. Gregory House
House Season 5 Episode 18: "Here Kitty"
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House Season 5 Episode 18 Quotes

Morgan: I had colds all winter.
House: Well, I've been in this room a while, but it's spring now, right?

Dr. Cuddy: I told you to get rid of "death cat."
House: Do you see a cat?
Dr. Cuddy: I see a litter box.
(House grabs his cane)
House: This is a disability, Dr. Cuddy. Can't make it to the men's room on time.
Dr. Cuddy: You pee on the mice too?
House: Well, now you see the mice actually prove that I don't have a cat.
Dr. Cuddy: Are these... are these the genetically modified lab mice from oncology?
House: Genetically modified for tastiness.