Senior: I thought you were gone. It was raining so hard, and I got scared, so I came up here.
Kevin: OK.
Senior: I don't think I'm ready to come down. Now what?

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The Leftovers Season 3 Episode 7: "The Most Powerful Man in the World (and His Identical Twin Brother)"
The Leftovers
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The Leftovers Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes, The Leftovers Quotes
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The Leftovers Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

John Stand back! Give him some air!
Kevin: I was just with Evie.
John: You saw her?
Kevin: I delivered your message.

God: Do you remember, Mr. Harvey, what I said to you that night on the bridge?
Kevin: You said I was the most powerful man in the world.
God: Goddamned right you are.