Chuck: I don't think I'm really cut out for a job where you disarm a bomb, steal a diamond and then jump off a building.
Sarah: Well, you could have fooled me.
Chuck: That's very kind of you to say, but I'm pretty sure my girlish screams in the face of danger give me away.

Chuck Bartowski, Sarah Walker
Chuck Season 2 Episode 1: "Chuck Versus the First Date"
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Chuck Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Colt: Hello again, Chuck.
Sarah: And you are?
Colt: My name is Mr. Colt. And I need you to come with me.
Sarah: Now, why would we do that, Mr. Colt?
Colt: 'Cause I assume you find me imposing. Don't worry, you can be honest. I'm going for imposing.

Chuck: I also had an idea for what I'm going to do. I was thinking maybe Eurorail through Europe, y'know, backpacking, that kind of thing.
Ellie: That sounds--
Devon: Awesome. Remind me to tell you about Amsterdam, my man...he he he (Ellie glares at him) Lovely city, lot of canals.