Courtney: I think you’re really freaking brave coming back here day after day. I mean, I don’t know if I’d be strong enough.
Yolanda: I never should have sent them those.
Courtney: He never should have shared them.
Yolanda: I knew he could be a jerk, but he was so nice to me. After a few months, I thought it was getting serious, but I guess not for him. I don’t think he ever saw me as anything more than the next girl. My parents were destroyed. They won’t even come near the school anymore. They don’t bring me to church. My whole life has changed. They act like I don’t even exist. I don’t want to hate anyone, but I do. I hate Henry King.
Courtney: You want to see how I blew up his car?
Yolanda: Yeah.

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Stargirl Season 1 Episode 4: "Wildcat"
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Stargirl Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Courtney: What’s your problem?
Cindy: You have no idea who you’re messing with.
Courtney: Neither do you.
Cindy: You will never see me coming.

Pat: I know what it’s like to lose a friend.
Courtney: Joey wasn’t my friend, Pat. He never got the chance to be. We should be out there recruiting new JSA members like now.
Pat: We can’t drag anyone else into this.
Courtney: You said it would take more than us to stop the Injustice Society.
Pat: I said that we couldn’t stop them.
Courtney: That’s the same thing.
Pat: No, no, it’s not, and if there are other villains in Blue Valley, I need to know who they are, and I need to find them without them finding us.
Courtney: And how are you going to do that?
Pat: I don’t know yet all right, but when I do, I’ll alert the authorities.
Courtney: What if they are the authorities?