I know there was a Jessica, but he was willing to give her up to find me. And I'll tell ya, the guy likes me, but if he had to give you up, I know for a fact I'd still be dead.


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Timeless Season 3 Episode 1: "The Miracle of Christmas"
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Timeless Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Jiya: Whoa, this thing has autopilot.
Wyatt: What? As in anyone could fly it?
Jiya: Apparently. You just plug in the date and location. I guess future me built a Delorean out of a Lifeboat. It's a joke Rufus would have made. I wish he could see this.

Agent Christopher: Listen, when the Mothership jumps we chase it. That's been protocol since day one. What is the point of getting Rufus back if we just let Rittenhouse decimate history?
Connor Mason: Are you joking?
Jiya: Future Lucy said we need Rufus to stop Rittenhouse.
Agent Christopher: Rufus trained you to pilot the Lifeboat for this very reason. The world needs saving. It's what Rufus would want. We need to find and stop their sleeper agent.