I know you want to protect Ariel, but that's my job, I'm her mother. No matter what else happens, no matter how short a time we've been in each other's lives, I'm her mother. I need her to be home with me. I need her to be safe. It's my job to help with what she's going through. It's my job to hold her and tell her everything's going to be okay. And I really, really need to tell her that. And frankly, I need her to tell me that, too.


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Code Black Season 3 Episode 12: "As Night Comes and I'm Breathing"
Code Black
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Code Black Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

We're your friends. Don't turn us into enemies.

Jesse [to Leanne]

Ethan [about Rox]: Her kidneys are failing!
General: That's reversible. Death is not.