Charlie: I punched him. He deserved it.
DB: You know... that's another conversation. Right now, my problem is, you are a suspect in a homicide investigation. You know what really pisses me off; I had to find out about that from a witness in an integration room.
Charlie: I'm really a suspect?
DB: Yeah you are. You lied.

CSI Season 13 Episode 6: "Pick and Roll"
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CSI Season 13 Episode 6 Quotes

TJ: Last night, after practice, there was a fight in the locker room. Somebody throw a punch at Coach. I stepped in to try to stop it. That's how the blood got on my jersey.
DB: Ok. All right. Thank you. Who throw the punch?
TJ: Your son.

Henry: No more locker room laundry. I just went through 3 carts of dirty towels. This whole place smells like feet.
Greg: Now it's going to smell like something else. And you might want to borrow Russell's incents. It's pretty ripe.