Watson: I texted you, you didn't have to come.
Sherlock: As I explained the other day. There is nothing more hazardous to my health then boredom.

Elementary Season 1 Episode 9: "You Do It To Yourself"
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Elementary Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes, Elementary Quotes
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Elementary Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Sherlock: Ugh. What is that? I asked for coffee.
Watson: Well, you asked for coffee but you got tea.
Sherlock: No. I'm British. This is not tea.

Sherlock: Unlikely he would notate trips to underground Chinese gambling parlor.
Bell: Excuse me?
Sherlock: That's what he was doing last night.
Bell: I know you're just waiting for me to ask you why you think that.
Sherlock: [pauses]
Bell: [sigh] Why do you think that?
Sherlock: I'm glad you asked. It was the 13's. He apartment number 13 His cell ends in 1313. He chose this office 13.