Margaret: Horst, can we please talk about Blake? I can not stand the thought of him sitting in that jail cell for one more night, please.
Horst: I told you I'm taking care of that. Don't you worry, sweetheart.

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Big Sky Season 1 Episode 11: "All Kinds of Snakes"
Big Sky
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Big Sky Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

I'm not that guy, Jenny.


Mark: Do you believe in manifestation? You know, you think about something. You, uh, you believe in it. Even if it isn't real yet. And that focus and belief helps make it real.
Cassie: Okay, California boy.
Mark: You should try it some time.
Cassie: Okay. Uh, right now I'm manifesting you focus on Ronald.
Mark: That's good.