I was just a child. I went to church. I prayed to the Lord. I believed in everything the Bible and men like you taught me. But then you took it all away. I tried to keep the faith, I tried to keep believing that somehow, some way I would come to understand how a just and merciful God would allow men such like you to inflict such unjust suffering in his name. But when you're ripped from your mother's arms and made to watch her flesh sizzle and burn like a pig on a spit, all that's left to believe is the vagary and brutality of life itself. No God. No devil. No heaven. No hell -- other than the one the wretched like you created. After you killed them, I was alone in the world. Living in the gutter. Baiting vermin with crumbs of bread. And my uncle found me and taught me the law for one purpose only -- so that I could free as much of this world as possible from false prophets such as you!


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Knightfall Season 2 Episode 2: "The Devil Inside"
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Knightfall Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

At least you knew your father. Mine simply provided the seed and wandered off.


Quentin: I think this is the worst stew I've ever had.
Landry: We eat for sustenance, not pleasure, Quentin.