I was so focused on not hurting you as Killer Frost that I forgot I could hurt you as Caitlin Snow. And for that, I'm very sorry. So I understand if you don't trust me anymore, but maybe you can find it in your heart to forgive me.


Dr. Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost
The Flash Season 3 Episode 18: "Abra Kadabra"
The Flash
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The Flash Season 3 Episode 18 Quotes

Iris: He's a murderer.
Barry: I know he's a murderer. But how many murderers have we put in prison? How many bad guys have we taken down? Don't we deserve one win? After everything that we've done?
Iris: Life doesn't keep score, Barry.

Abra Kadabra: If you let me go, I will tell you Savitar's greatest secret. It's the key to defeating him. The key to stopping him.
Barry: What secret?
Abra Kadabra: I know who he is. I know his name.