Rachel: Father.
Trigon: My child. Join me.
Rachel: I would, but you know, stuff to do. I do want to thank you though.
Trigon: For what?
Rachel: For showing me who my family really is.
Trigon: This isn't the time to get sentimental.
Rachel: I wouldn't worry. I know how to look after myself. Always have. You know what they say, genetics is destiny.

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Titans Season 2 Episode 1: "Trigon"
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Titans Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Rachel: Let him go.
Trigon: I'm afraid you're grounded -- no more magic.

Donna: Would you just stop blasting it? You're wasting all your power.
Kory: Rachel is in there. Anything could be happening to her.
Donna: Says the woman who was sent here to kill her. Now that she and Dick are in there with some intergalactic demon, maybe you could try something that might actually work.
Kory: Like what, Donna? Or were you hoping the sheer force of your criticism would save her?
Donna: At least I'm not draining my powers just because I can't sit still.
Kory: Says the Titan who quits.
Donna: You really wanna go there, right now?