Syd: Logan doesn't set our news agenda.
Tom: No! Of course, he doesn't. I know! It's so weird, huh? He happens to own a news company, and they say exactly what he thinks!
Syd: If Logan had to tell me or any of my news editors what to run or what the angle was, we would be fucked! That is not how it works. This isn't mind control. We hire people who want to work here, and we serve a demographic of highly, highly intelligent viewers who are really tired of being patronized elsewhere by latte-sipping douchebags with hundred-dollar haircuts. You've got the cool job title. You've got freedom of movement. Why don't you take a look somewhere more comfy? Entertainment.

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Succession Season 2 Episode 2: "Vaulter"
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Succession Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Greg: Dude, ATN is a very toxic element in the culture.
Tom: Seriously, OK, then name me one principle that you have.
Greg: I don't, like, um, I'm against racism.
Tom: Bullshit! I'm against racism. Everybody's against racism! What else?
Greg: Like, don't lie.
Tom: Fuck off.
Greg: Like if you're the news.
Tom: Fuck off. That's your principle?
Greg: Yeah, dude!
Tom: Greg, this is not fucking Charles Dickens' world, OK? You don't go around talking about principles. We're all trying to do the right thing. Of course we are. But come on, man. Man the fuck up!

Let me just make it very clear -- Kendall Roy is no longer relevant.