Peter: You guys aren't supporting my choice?
Quagmire: What do you expect, Peter? A sex change operation? Why you doing this?
Peter: I'll tell you why I'm doing all of this. For me. M.E. M.E. I'm doing it for M.E.

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Family Guy Season 16 Episode 1: "Emmy-Winning Episode"
Family Guy
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Family Guy Season 16 Episode 1 Quotes, Family Guy Quotes
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Family Guy Season 16 Episode 1 Quotes

Griffins let's make this an Emmy-winning episode, so get all your pukes and farts out now.


Peter: Family Guy has been around since 1999 and whenever it's time for the Emmy's they never give us one. I'm sick of it.
Lois: Well, I'm not making another episode with The Simpsons. What did that get us? I'll tell you what that got us. More ink for The Simpsons.