I'm a good guy. This is gonna work out great for me. Billy's gonna be the best wingman ever. Girls are gonna be like, "oh you brought your friend in the wheelchair, did you?" and I go, "oh, he's more than a friend. He's my best friend." Oh, we're gonna get special treatment wherever we go. Parking's gonna be amazing. The toilets are gonna be great. We'll be at a ballgame and people will just get out of the way, "Here they come, the cripple and his friend, the good guy!"


Legit Season 1 Episode 1: "Pilot"
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Legit Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Alien. I'm an alien of extraordinary abilities, Steve. I'm like ET.


Jim: I think I'd like to have kids.
Steve: You think you'd be a good father?
Jim: I think I'd be a great father.
Steve: What about a husband?
Jim: Yeah, there's a problem.