Jason: You have no idea the amount of pressure I'm under.
Jennie: Here? Or at home?
Jason: Don't you worry about what's going on in my home.
Jennie: I will worry about it. It's affecting me.
Jason: Because you're a narcissist.
Jennie: I'm an actor. We're all narcissists.

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BH90210 Season 1 Episode 5: "Picture's Up"
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BH90210 Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Anna: Are you nervous?
Ian: Nervous? Heck no. Playing Steve Sanders is like falling off a bike.

Shannen: You guys, I can't believe that we're really doing this!
Jennie: I know. No turning back now, bitches!
Tori: Nope! The cameras are rolling. I should have gotten more botox.