Cade: You know, the text I sent wasn't an invite. What are you doin'?
Bill: I'm dyin' on the tenth floor, man. I just needed a taste.

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Deputy Season 1 Episode 2: "10-8 Outlaws"
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Deputy Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

I'd sell my soul for the zen satisfaction of cuffin' a bad guy right now.


You know somethin'? You're right, Jerry. I've got a few ideas about what's best for the department, and that's why I'm not stepping down. Far from it. I've seen a lotta life from on top of a horse, and that's given me a new perspective. And a new perspective is exactly what this place needs. The people of Los Angeles deserve the best, so do me a favor. Worry more about them and less about me. I'll be seein' ya. Except you. If I see your face on the tenth floor again, I'll throw you out the window myself. Thanks for your time.