Adam: Advocate his ass.
Kristina: I'm gonna advocate his ass.

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Adam Braverman, Kristina Braverman
Parenthood Season 5 Episode 14: "You've Got Mold"
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Parenthood Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

Sarah: I have to acknowledge, ya know, I'm potentially in over my head.
Carl: You're not, Sarah. You're out of your comfort zone. There's a huge difference. Because look. The work's right here. You were hired for your vision, and here it is, I see it. If they wanted Hank's work, they would have hired Hank.

Tech: Sounds fun. What would you like to call your network?
Zeek: How about cancer beams?
Camille: Villa Camille. I'd like to call it Villa Camille.