Sam: Hmmm, so this is about Sue?
Emily: I don’t know what you mean by that?
Sam: You know about us, don’t you? I see what’s going on here. You found out about me and Sue, and now you’re jealous. You thought I was flirting with you or something, leading you on. Well, I wasn’t, OK? I was only ever interested in your work, which is what you should be focused on too. Don’t let your emotions get in the way of your career. That is always what happens to women.
Emily: I need my poems.
Sam: No, Emily, you need me. See, a lot of people wouldn’t have even bothered with you, but I have because I understand you. You’re weird, and you’re warped, and you’re sick, and you’re strange, but I understand that, as a woman, your art comes from all of that. Now, it would sadly be easy for the whole world to ignore you, but I won’t let them. No one would pay attention to you if it wasn’t for me pointing them in your direction. Trust me. You have no power without me. One day, you will look back at all of this, and you will thank me.
Emily: I’m gonna ask you one more time, give me back my poems.
Sam: No.

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Dickinson Season 2 Episode 10: "You cannot put a Fire out"
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Dickinson Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Sue: Where is Emily?
Austin: At home I imagine. She doesn’t usually come to church.
Sue: You know I still haven’t seen her since her poem was published. It’s like she’s hiding from me.
Austin: Yes, well, I’d leave her alone if I were you.
Sue: But I have things I need to say to her.
Austin: I imagine she knows them already.

Ship: I’m glad we worked things out, baby.
Lavinia: Me too.
Ship: So now you can say good-bye to your whole family because we’re moving to New Orleans.
Lavinia: Wait, what?
Ship: We can talk about this later.