House: I'm in an elevator, can't run away.
Dr. Cuddy: Can't run away anyway.
House: That's just mean. Why are we still together?
Dr. Cuddy: We are going to our office.
House: Pronoun confusion. Starts kicking in once you pass child-bearing age.
Dr. Cuddy: Now that's just mean.

Dr. Lisa Cuddy, Dr. Gregory House
House Season 5 Episode 10: "Let Them Eat Cake"
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House Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Dr. Cuddy: Any idea why we are getting half as many requests for you as usual?
House: Democrats' health care plan?

Emmy: When I got the surgery, I got healthy, and when I got healthy, I got happy.
Taub: I'm not sure you're happy, but if you are, being healthy didn't do it, being pretty did. Poop in the bedpan.