Archie: I’m not playing the game with someone who died from it.
Warden Norton: I didn’t die. I ascended to the kingdom.
Archie: Then what about Joaquin? Did he “ascend” too? That was his reward for stabbing me, wasn’t it?
Warden Norton: That was the card Mr. Dos Santos drew. His do or die moment. You know all about those, don’t you, Archie? Didn’t you have one yourself?
Archie: With the Black Hood, yes, and I stopped him. But, I’m still trapped here ... in this hell.

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Riverdale Season 3 Episode 9: "Chapter Forty-Four: No Exit"
The CW
K. J. Apa
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Riverdale Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Veronica: Daddy made it very clear that if La Bonne Nuit was to continue operating in a post-quarantine Riverdale, I’d have to give him 10% of my earnings for the privilege.
Reggie: If you start paying him for protection now, you’ll never stop.
Veronica: But ... there are ways to minimize that price.
[Pop hands Veronica a ledger]
Veronica: Five percent feels fair. And once Daddy reviews these well-cooked books, he’ll be none the wiser.
[Reggie reads through the book]
Reggie: Has anyone ever told you, you’re a badass?

Archie: This isn’t real. You guys are all dead.
Cassidy: You keep saying that but then how are we here? Talking with you?
Archie: I’m dreaming. I must be, or I’m hallucinating from the loss of blood.
Cassidy: Or we’re here and this is real?
Archie: No, I went to juvie after being framed for your murder.
[Archie points at Cassidy’s three friends]
Archie: I found you three in mines after Sheriff Maneda gunned you down.
Hiram: If what you say is true, and we are dead, then it sounds like it’s all your fault. If you ever want to return to “Eldirvare,” you’re gonna have to play ... and win. Come on, one round at least?
Archie: One round.