Ted: I'm saying, can't we just let this one go? It wouldn't be the first time we didn't hire a brilliant scientist because someone at the company would be upset. Remember Bob Hitler?
Veronica: No, I forgot the scientist named Hitler. Okay, fine, we won't go after Lem's mom. But this would be easier to sell upstairs if someone named Clifton had bombed the hell out of London.

Ted Crisp, Veronica Palmer
Better Off Ted Season 2 Episode 3: "Battle of the Bulbs"
Better Off Ted
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Better Off Ted Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Gentlemen, when you fight like that, manhood weeps.


The potential for a long-lasting light bulb is enormous. In a recent study, people's desire to see things ranked third, right after hitting things and trying to have sex with things.