Adam: I want to raise your child with you. I miss you and I miss being with you. And I thought I could move on, but hearing about the baby made me realize we don't have any more time to waste. Let me show you who I've become. I want to be there for you as you become a mother. I want to watch you blossom and love this baby more than anyone has ever loved a living thing. I don't want to be away from you any longer.
Hannah: I'm so confused.

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Girls Season 6 Episode 8: "What Will We Do This Time About Adam?"
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Girls Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

Jessa: You've gotta do what you've gotta do. I'm not a zookeeper.
Adam: Come the fuck on, there's something else in there. Will you just say it? Spit in my face. Punch me. What? Just do it.
Jessa: Why would I do that? You haven't done anything wrong.

Would you object greatly if I kissed you?

Ray [to Abigail]