Will: I'm sorry I told you to ditch your family. The woman I fell in love with could never give up on anybody
Megan: did you just..?
Will: That's right, I love you Megan Smith. Deal with that
Megan: I love you too

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Megan Smith, Will Davis
Privileged Season 1 Episode 15: "All About the Big Picture"
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Privileged Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

Zach: I don't know how you girls can walk so fast in those heels
Girls' Friend: Rose can each you, she's your size

Megan: Cancel the check!
Will: The bank's closed
Megan: You're a billionaire, isn't there a special number you call?
Will: Yah it's 1-800-im-rich
Megan: That's not even enough numbers