Manny: This is not your fault.
John: You're damn right it's not my fault, now fix it or I'm not working for you anymore.
Manny: And how would you suggest that I...
John: Heal her.
Manny: I'm sorry John, this is out of my hands and yours. Now look, you can set yourself on fire with anger or you can focus on what you can control.
John: I think I'll do just that mate.

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Constantine Season 1 Episode 12: "Angels and Ministers of Grace"
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Constantine Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

The scry map is a crutch. What's going on out there is pervasive; Invunche, brujeria, the serpent himself. We're off the map now John, you need to read the signs around you. Use your instincts, Zed's visions; stay vigilant.


Zed: A tumor's causing my visions. That explains a lot doesn't it? Cold hard science.
John: Humans always look for narrative and causality. Nothing that he just said suggests that this mass and your visions are linked in any way.
Zed: You don't want to believe it.