Maya: I’m the truck.
Carina: I’m sorry. I’m not very good at American idioms.
Maya: I’m the truck. I’m the truck that drunkenly plowed into Station 19 and destroyed an entire family.
Carina: Hey, hey.
Maya: I’m the truck.

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Station 19 Season 3 Episode 8: "Born to Run"
Station 19
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Station 19 Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes, Station 19 Quotes
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Station 19 Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Travis: It does get easier, a little.
Emmett: I don’t need you to baby me,
Travis: OK, then, enjoy the carnage.

Ben: Hey, um, when Webber was caught drinking on the job, how did you…did you ever consider not turning him in?
Bailey: Who’s drinking on the job?
Ben: I didn’t say.
Bailey: Did you not think I would crack your master code?
Ben: I’m not sure it even happened.
Bailey: But if it did happen, is…is that how Vasquez got hurt?
Ben: What? What? No, no. OK, look, it’s not anyone all right. Just it’s probably a counting error.
Bailey: Counting error, as in drugs?
Ben: I didn’t say drugs.
Bailey: Well, what else would you be counting?
Ben: OK, OK, you know what? Never mind. Never mind. I’m probably wrong about the whole thing. I shouldn’t have mentioned it.
Bailey: No, you shouldn’t have, but if whatever it is that you know puts you in a bed like Vasquez, so help me god Ben Warren.