Overlord Terrence: How do you do? I’m Visigoth Overload Terrance. Apologizes for the mess, but recall I did announce our incursion and asked you most politely to drop all your defenses and surrender, having given my word that you would be absolutely safe.
Alice: The word of a barbarian?
Zelda: Actually, Visigoths are famous for always keeping their word.
Alice: That’s weird.
Overlord Terrence: My dear, if you would be so kind.
Alice: Look, I’m sorry, I’m just a little confused here, but you seem …
Overlord Terrance: Educated? Polite to a fault? We seek to acquire only the deepest knowledge, highest art, and most illuminating philosophy. Is it any wonder a little might rub off?

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The Magicians Season 5 Episode 4: "Magicians Anonymous"
The Magicians
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The Magicians Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Kady: You met the nice me. Here’s the real me: Fuck off. What?
Fogg: Well, I take the anonymous part of Magicians Anonymous very seriously.
Kady: So you quit drinking?
Fogg: Thirty-three days, six hours, 19 minutes of skin peeling, soul-searing hell ago, yeah.

Kady: So I’ve been clean a year. Thanks, but maybe hold that because I’ve been jonesing hard. Well, uh, I’m a hedge. You know, before we saved magic we got a shit deal. There was a blood worm scare, so the Library gave a lot of hedges the Reed’s Mark. Well, get a mark, you’re magically castrated until they take it off. And the Library’s imploding, and they can’t fix it, and the marked ones are looking at me like, ‘Hey, bossy pants, you rallied us to save magic. How ‘bout saving us?’ And, I found a spell to remove the marks in a depository. Only, all of a second, it’s gone, but I know the only way to move something that warded is to move it through the etheric realm.
Female magician: Cool, I’ve heard it’s awesome there. What’s the prob?
Kady: The prob is there’s only one way into the realm. Anybody heard of RCH? Nickname ‘Archie.’ Yep, they way to save every marked hedge is to drop acid. A true 12 step conundrum.