Abby: Is that broken?
Tony: No Mrs. Mulwray, but I damned near lost my nose. I like breathing through it.
Abby: Mrs. Mulwray
Tony: Faye Dunaway and of course Mr. Jack.
Ziva: Yeah, I know. Chinatown.

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Anthony (Tony) DiNozzo, Ziva David, Abby Sciuto
NCIS Season 10 Episode 22: "Revenge"
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NCIS Season 10 Episode 22 Quotes

There's something you and NCIS must know. As much as I didn't like or trust Arash Kazmi, I did not kill him. There are others who are responsible for the assassination of your father's Iranian friend.


Gibbs: So do we? Lay off?
Vance: The man killed my wife, Gibbs.