Miranda: Isn't it funny, what I hate in life, I love in sex?
Samantha: So, how about you just limit your contact with him to just sex.
Miranda: Oh, that's a nice healthy relationship.

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Samantha Jones, Miranda Hobbes
Sex and the City Season 2 Episode 14: "The Fuck Buddy"
Sex and the City
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Sex and the City Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Charlotte: Excuse me. Fuck buddy? What is a fuck buddy?
Samantha: Oh, come on.
Carrie: A fuck buddy is a guy you probably dated once or twice, but it didn't really go anywhere, but the sex was so great, you sorta of keep him on call.
Samantha: He's like dial-a-dick.

Miranda: Can't we enjoy your success for one fucking second?
Kevin: You know, it just pisses me off that you don't get how much pressure I'm under. You really do live in never-never land, don't you? By the way, if there's a difference between this hundred dollar bottle of champagne and the crap they sell for 29 bucks, it takes a more delicate palate than mine to detect it, I don't know.
Miranda: Well, I like the champagne and the bread is fabulous. Oh my god, look at those flowers!
Kevin: Don't piss me off.
(Miranda puts on her jacket and gets up)
Kevin: Where're you going?
Miranda: Back to never-never land. And by the way, never-never call me again. Have a nice day.