Iris: Why wasn't I there? Because no one told me about it, that's why. In case you haven't noticed people around here don't know that I exist.
Daphne: That's not true.
Iris: Yeah it is, even you do it. When I tried to volunteer for tug of war you acted like I wasn't there. I thought roommates were supposed to look out for each other.
Daphne: I'm sorry, I didn't realize.
Iris: It doesn't matter. The truth is, I'm not really one of you. I'm just the dumb hearing girl who no one wants to slow down enough to talk too.

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Switched at Birth Season 4 Episode 3: "I Lock the Door Upon Myself"
Switched at Birth
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Switched at Birth Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Toby: I was way to hard on you at the orientation.
Daphne: It's alright; actually I'm glad you yelled some sense into me and I'm really glad I didn't go away to school.

There's a Hello Kitty convention in town, we can get matching tattoos.