Brett: Could she really be so careless you wrote down the wrong address? It was in the past, buried, pretty deep. And I started feeling that little flutter feeling in my chest that I must have felt a hundred times when I was a kid. It happened every time I let myself wonder [about] the woman who had me, gave me away. What was she really like?
Foster: I’m so sorry, Sylvie.
Brett: Yeah, me too.

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Chicago Fire Season 8 Episode 15: "Off the Grid"
Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 8 Episode 15 Quotes, Chicago Fire Quotes
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Chicago Fire Season 8 Episode 15 Quotes

Mouch: Hey you two. Your food’s in the fridge.
Cruz: We had to keep it from Capp, so we wrote Tuesday on the tinfoil.
Kidd: Oh no, really. Ritter just asked me to feed her, and I just assumed.

Severide: He was acting pretty stranger. Something about him was off.
Ruzek: People don’t usually run when they’re innocent.