Dr.Cox: Good God Fantasia, you don't actually think I've actually I'm done teaching you, do you? Do you not understand that the only difference between today and tomorrow is that you wake up tomorrow and start coming in here and killing people and nobody can say: "It's no big deal, he's just a resident." Instead, what they're damn sure gonna be wondering, is who tried to educate your sorry ass. And when that finger of blame starts pointing in my direction. I had damn sure better be in a coma, from the anger stroke I suffered from the last time that you tried to hug me. Oh and don't be late tomorrow, doctor.

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Perry Cox
Scrubs Season 4 Episode 1: "My Old Friend's New Friend"
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Scrubs Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Elliot: It's so strange feeling all alone when like a month ago I was part of this really tight group, you know?
Molly: Yeah. I had tons of friends at my old hospital.
Elliot: I gotta meet some new people.
Molly: Do you wanna, uh, get a cup of coffee tonight?
Elliot: Can't. I'm hitting the internet hard and going on a friend hunt!

Molly: So, where were we?
J.D.: Er... we weren't talking.
Molly: Was it 'cause of something you did? 'Cause I'm totally over it. I don't even remember what it was.
J.D.: No, I mean like, we've never talked.
Molly: How do I know your name then?
J.D.: You don't.
Molly: You're freaking me out Jimmy.
J.D.: It's Johnny.
J.D.'s thoughts: Why would you say Johnny? You hate Johnny.