MARIANA: I decided to call things off with Wyatt, but then I changed my mind because I think the person that I need to end things with is you.
MAT: OK...
MARIANA: It's not because I don't love you, but I want to look forward, and I feel like you're looking back relying on what's familiar like high school and me. And I'm excited to see what's next, not go back to what was. I think you should be really excited about Boston. Don't be scared. You're going to have great adventures, and you're going to do amazing things. I promise you. The best years of our lives are not behind us.

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The Fosters Season 5 Episode 13: "Line in the Sand"
The Fosters
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The Fosters Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

Grace: It's so awkward being in a room with someone who has slept with your boyfriend. Mind if I hang out with you?
Callie: No.

I feel like I don't get to see you anymore. Not alone.